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ProgressBook/Schoology Information

What's the difference between ProgressBook and Schoology?

ProgressBook is the district's Student Information System which holds all student demographic information and grades of record.  Schoology is a Learning Management System that is used for students to obtain information and resources for learning which is posted by their teachers.  Students can also take tests and submitt assignments in Schoology (if assigned by the teacher).

ProgressBook Parent Access

How do I get access to my student's account at GCCC?
Once all emergency medical form have been collected, we will mail out a letter with your student's regisitration code their first year attending GCCC.  If you did not receive a letter or have lost the letter please feel free to contact us at [email protected]
When you email requesting a registration code please provide the following:
  • Your name, relationship & phone number
  • Your student's first and last name
  • Your student's date of birth 
  • Your student's address

Once verified, we will be able to respond back with your student registration code, so you can create a new account for GCCC. 

What information will I find in ProgressBook (Parent Access)?

  • Schedule
  • Grades
  • Attendance
  • Assignments 
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